Soundiron – Acoustic Saz crack (KONTAKT)


Soundiron – Acoustic Saz crack (KONTAKT)

about Soundiron – Acoustic Saz crack

The saz baglama, a fretless Turkish instrument with five strings, sounds like the Acoustic Saz. It has an unusual oriental flavor and plays like a guitar. A chord generator and automatic accompanist (strum mode) are included, as well as a wide range of articulations and sound production techniques.
Initial statement:
Open plucks, palm mutes, string chokes, percussive effects, true legato, a mic mixer, an FX rack with amp modeling, auto-strumming, and an arpeggiator are among the features of the deeply sampled Turkish 5-string acoustic Saz Baglâma library for Kontakt.
The Acoustic Saz is a fretless, five-string Saz Baglâma that was brought back from Turkey's streets, where master craftsmen have been hand-building them for centuries. It has undergone a lot of multi-sampling. We meticulously sampled all three string runs—low octave, middle, and high unison—in a dry studio with a wide, close pair of large-diaphragm microphones, 12x round robin, and up to 6 velocity layers for open notes going up 1.5 octaves per string. We also recorded releases, string chokes, palm mutes, and a plethora of other percussive effects.

We sampled a wide legato, or "slide," range for each of the three string runs using multiple velocity layers and a 4x round robin. In the Saz interface, you can choose which string and how a note is played. Each string controls the hammer-on, pull-off, slide, choke, and palm mute.

Additionally, an advanced auto-strumming system has been added. You can create effects, ambiance, an Uberpeggiator, and custom-tuned percussion blends with the help of special patches. It also has a dynamic and adaptable arpeggiation system that can create humanized grooves as well as freestyle and 32-step tempo-synchronized humanized groove constraints. In addition to a chorus, flanger, phaser, dynamics, drive (with four distinct effects), two amp sims, eight cabs, EQ, filter, tempo-synchronized delay, convolution reverb, and other effects, the FX rack contains dozens of custom room and FX impulses.

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