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 Publisher: Fracture Sounds

Website :

Format : KONTAKT

Quality : 224-bit48 kHz stereo

Description: A toy piano makes a distinctive sound that sounds like a bell by hitting metal rods, or prongs, with hammers. The instrument was stereo-positioned close to the microphone in a dry studio, allowing for unlimited reverb.

The original instrument has some natural tuning deviations due to its age. We took a sample of the instrument and carefully optimized the tuning note by note because we are aware that everyone has different preferences, despite the fact that this adds charm and authenticity. We've added a "broken tuning" wheel to help you fix some of these natural tuning deviations by choosing how the instrument sounds. Set it to zero for music for kids that is fun, up-to-date, and clear, or to 100 for creepy Halloween music.

In order to further enhance the instrument's authenticity and realism, we have recorded the mechanical sounds of key releases. They can be typed on with the Key Clicks control

The "Atmosphere Layer," which was made just for this instrument and can be used in conjunction with a raw toy piano to create an eerie atmosphere, has been restored. By controlling the intensity of the layer with the modulation wheel, you can control dynamics and add more expressiveness. Due to popular demand, we have added the ability to solo the atmosphere layer. You can mix it with other instruments or use it as a pad by itself because of this.

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