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 More information about the Ethno World 6 Torrent

Ethno World 6 is the most recent version of the Ethno World libraries. Developer Marcel Barsotti has cultivated the world's ethnic instrument collection for nearly 16 years. The most recent version contains 13GB worth of brand-new instruments and voices from the developer. As you can imagine, Marcel is an avid collector of ethnic instruments and recordings of talented musicians from all over the world. For the vocal additions to Ethno World, Marcel has recorded a wide range of solo singers and choirs from various cultures.
In Ethno World 6 Complete, there are two distinct libraries for the Kontakt Player: Voices and instruments from Ethno World 6 Ethno World 6 Complete is 22GB in size and comes with 320 instruments and voices, nearly 800 Kontakt presets, and more. The sample set is made up of recordings made by over 70 musicians and singers.
Among the instruments' tempo-synchronized performances (loops or phrases) are multi-sample instruments and instrument effects. The inclusion of phrases and loops, the reproduction of the majority of instruments with a very pleasing presence and liveliness, and the inclusion of each instrument as a multi-sample instrument allow users to really bring their ethnic or world music to life.
I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the instrument's scripted legato is quite playable despite not having true legato samples after assigning a MIDI CC and adjusting the other provided parameters. When adjusting legato, humanization, and speed, this was especially true.
The library's various dynamic articulation levels were inconsistent, according to my observations. Playback dynamics would occasionally slightly increase as a result of this; Consequently, you will probably want to use some of these performance controls for playback that is more realistic.
The library comes with a set of IRs of very high quality. The included spaces were very nice and complimented the instruments I tried to tweak well.
I won't repeat the manual here to bore you; Instead, learn everything the library has to offer for performance tuning by watching the official videos below. In addition, there is a section for effects and a lot of controls and features.
With micro tuning, the user is able to tune each note in minute increments and select, load, and save presets for microtonal settings. This is a very powerful instrument for world instruments that will undoubtedly enhance the sound's depth and realism when working on tracks that require an additional boost for a more authentic vibe.

Main features

Ethno World 6 Torrent's main features are as follows:

  • A huge and diverse collection of instruments
  • Very good sounding sample sets
  • inspiring to work
  • Multi-sample and loops/phrases included for each instrument
  • Legato with surprisingly nice script
  • IDB information panel for each instrument

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