Toontrack - Superior Drummer 3.3.5 Update STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX*, AU x64 (WIN/OSX)

Toontrack - Superior Drummer 3 v3.2.7  screen shot


Description: i've been waiting to get a hold of this plugin for a very long time now and I'm super excited to share it with you I'm going to be talking about toon track's superior drummer 
3 plug-in which is a fantastic plug-in that I've used so far on two of my latest tracks and it's been a blast not only does it sound fantastic it's phenomenal but it's very easy to use it's got a massive built-in midi library and a massive built-in sample pack which gives you countless.
sounds to choose from and if you're like me and you're not a drummer this is really a fantastic addition to your home studio so let's go ahead and get straight into the video and I'll go ahead and show you what it sounds like and take you for a tour.
now this is what the plugin looks like when you open it I am using it within logic pro 10 but you can also use it in any daw or even as a standalone program if you just want to fool around with some, of the sounds and create your own kits in preparation for when you do want to use it to record a piece of music I'm going to start this video off by actually just playing around with superior drama 3 and then once we've done that I'll go ahead and move on and take you for a full tour of the program so I'm just going to head 

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