Voltage Bass by Soundiron(KONTAKT)


Source: Soundiron
Website: soundiron
KONTAKT format
24-bit, 48 kHz stereo quality
Referring to Kontakt 6.2.2+

A 4-string electric bass guitar with hot pickups, a wide tonal range, and a sound adaptable to any musical style is called the Voltage Bass. 30 articulation notes, including fingered, sustains, palm mutes, picked palm mutes, picked chokes, harmonics, and sustains with six velocity layers and eight round robins, were used to test it. We recorded the E1 - C#4 straight into line for a transparent clean tone, ideal for adding your own amps and effects, and with a mic amp for a steely character and meaty sound.

20 ambient pads, synth delays, staccato, and a potent rack FX have been added to this bass legend to help you dial in the perfect sound.

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