LUXONIX - Purity 1.2.5 WIN.OSX x64


purity screen shot

PURITY is a digital instrument workstation and software for the next generation of PCM sound modules. Due to its superior sound quality and ease of use, PURITY stands out from hardware workstations for musical instruments in computer-based music production environments.

come forward PURITY has a lot of sound sources for professional music production, no matter what kind of music is being made or for what purpose. A wide range of sounds from hardware workstations, sound modules, drum machines, vintage analog synthesizers, and even contemporary digital synthesizers can be found in the well-sampled PCM wave data provided by PURITY. PURITY includes over 1,300 ready-to-use sound presets from the entire history of electronic music. Utilize the integrated sequencer and sequenced patches to discover your musical potential.

Except for the music, everything else should be ignored.

With PURITY, you can put your attention solely on your music and ignore everything else. PURITY continues to be the best software tool with the lowest and most efficient CPU load and RAM usage thanks to the NAVIv2 engine and FOEM+. When it comes to effectively expressing your musical ideas and feelings, purity will become one of your best musical instruments.

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