Ultimate Foley Sounds BY Ghosthack -(WAV)

Ultimate Foley Sounds BY Ghosthack screen shot

 Publisher: Ghosthack

Website: ghosthack

Format: WAV

Quality: 24 bit 96 kHz stereo

article Description:

 Often, some of the most original tones and timbres come from the most mundane objects in our environment. A daily newspaper, an old perfume bottle, a piece of useless metal in your garage, a ribbed plastic, a stone falling into water, or an oily bike chain - just think of Aphex Twin (Schottkey 7th Path) and its haunting rattling sound or Amon Tobin's auditory range (Foley Room) ... If you listen closely, you can find unusual timbre shades everywhere. Therefore, when creating our set (Foley Sounds), we made every effort to provide only interesting and convenient sounds that can be inserted into a track of almost any genre - ambient, experimental material, industrial, techno or even trap and trip-hop.

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