Skyrealm by Ghosthack -(MIDI, WAV)


Skyrealm by Ghosthack screen shot

Publisher: Ghosthack

Website: ghosthack

Format: MIDI, WAV

Quality: 16/32 bit 44.1 / 48 kHz stereo

Description: Versatile cinematic vocals - from Viking to Ethereal

article description:

Skyrealm covers a wide range of different cinematic vocal styles: Whether you're looking for some female ethereal vocals, deep chorus, or heavy Viking voices, we've got you covered! One of the great features of Skyrealm is the Viking Vocal Builder, which contains a large number of male vocals, chants, screams, and tones that you can mix, stack, and process to create your own unique phrases.


Sound and Music Kits:

30 Construction Kits (60 - 130 BPM)

With 890 STEMs, MIDI, Vocals, and Mixed Demos

Of Which 135 Are Acapellas / Vocal STEMs

10 Atmospheric Mood Kits (60 - 120 BPM)

With 98 STEMs and Mixed Demos

20 Percussion Kits (80 - 150 BPM)

With 140 STEMs and Mixed Loop

Viking Vocal Builder:

30 Battle Cries and Phrases (Wet & Dry)

127 Grunts and Chants

14 Rhythmic Vocal Loops (80 - 120 BPM)

12 Snarls and Hums

4 Vocal Sustains

118 Syllables and Imaginary Words

35 Yells

Bonus Samples:

31 Instrument Loops (Bells, Brass, Choir, Piano, Strings, Woodwind)

10 Granular Vocal FX (60 - 70 BPM)

60 Sound FX

10 Musical One-Shots

10 Vocal Lines

10 Percussion Hits

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