XSynth - XSynth Library (Reason ReFill)

XSynth Library screen

Manufacturer: XSynth
Year of issue: 2007
Version: 1.10
Format: Reason ReFill File (* .rfl)
Quality: 44100 Hz / 16 bit
Size: 275 MB

XSynth Library Description:

XSynth Library - synth library reason refill demo 1. free Kontakt library - karanji sound vaper keys (80's/90's keys) limited time!

a little presentation song made in reason using the synth library refill, a cpu lightweight refill suitable for various synth genres.

synth osc sample library.

 in today's video, we'll uncover the one sample library I love using in almost all my tracks and see what it really does.

the one library I use in almost every track... Elysion//Kontakt library // tutorial.

this $20 sample library is massive 🤯.


All library material is divided into categories:

  • Additive
  • Basic
  • Bass
  • Drones
  • Drums
  • Modulated & Xperimental

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