Spectrasonics - Symphony of voices, Vocal Planet, Peter Siedlaczek's Extended Classical Choir, Hallelujah (AKAI)


Symphony of voices and Vocal Planet series screen shot

Description libraries of vocal samples:

 in AKAI format. Excellent vocal samples from Symphony of voices and Vocal Planet series + bonus ( Peter Siedlaczek's Classical Choir and Hallelujah ).Symphony of voices and Vocal Planet series, The Planets (Composition), Gustav Holst (Author), Music (Industry), shiz, ნიჭიერი, nichieri, georgia, got talent, მეხუთე, ნახევარფინალი, ლაივი, mind relaxing music for stress relief and sleep, Soft Vocal Music For Sleeping, relaxing music with ethereal voices, relaxing vocal music for stress relief, Prophetic Verses: Sights and Sounds of 2023, relaxing voices for sleep, ethereal music female voices, vocal study music, atmospheric female vocal, amazing voices on got talent, music for studying concentration and focus memory, soft music for relaxation, relaxing music with vocals, peaceful female vocal music, relaxing vocal music sleep, soft music, lofi electric, lofi instrumental, planets voice, epic vocal music female, vocal sleep music, peaceful vocal music, night meditation sleep female voice, atmospheric music for sleep, woman voice sleep meditation, calm music for sleeping, singing to the earth, Ethereal Music For Sleep, ethereal music for studying, atmospheric music for studying, the best voice in the world, Genadi Tkachenko' all performances on got talent, The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints (Religious Organization), Brigham Young University Vocal Point (Musical Group)

 content of this Symphony of voices: 


Pop stacks


Vocal Planet:




+ Bonus

Peter Siedlaczek's Extended Classical Choir

1 CD


1 CD

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