FL Studio Producer Edition by Image-Line - for macOS 12

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FL Studio Producer Edition description:

 hey, y'all this is Jeremy from production then today we're going to be talking about installing and unlocking fl studio in windows 10. so let's jump in so when you want to install the latest version of fl studio and unlock it here's what you need to do

0:15you need to go over to your favorite browser and go ahead and type in flstudio.com which will bring up the image line website and you're going to press the download button that's at the top of the screen that will bring you to this page where

it'll tell you what the latest version is that you can download which right now it's and then you can press download and that will download the fl studio file.

and once that is completed downloading then you will go ahead and install fl studio by opening up that file and letting it run and installing all the things that you want to install for the directories putting an icon on the desktop all that stuff and once that is completed

then you'll be able to move over to fl studio and I'll show you how to actually unlock it and make sure that you can check your addition to make sure it's the right addition so I've opened up fl studio and we're going to come into this top menu bar where it says help I'm going to press that I'm going to go down to the section, where it says registration and I'm going to choose the unlock fl studio and this is on the latest version of fl studio that it has the option under here before you could go under about and then there was an option to enter your account information.

and that would unlock but right now in the newest version you just press this unlock fl studio which brings up this dialog box and it'll tell you that you can go ahead and unlock with the account so there's a couple options unlock with account and unlock with a file so I'm going to show you the unlock with account method so that means you're going to need your email address and the password that you use to create your fl studio account so you'll come over here and you will type in your email address and then you will go

ahead and type in your password for your account and then you'll go ahead and press unlock what that's going to do is bring up a window which is a confirm window it'll let you know that hey this worked the registration was successful and then it will ask you to

go ahead and shut down fl studio and open up it again and when you open it up again it will show that you have it registered to you so in order to do that you'll choose no if you don't want to save your current project you can choose yes if you do want to save your current project

that will go ahead and stop the fl studio program so just go ahead and open it up again and when you do that you'll be able to go under here under unlock and you'll be able to see that it's unlocked and registered to

your name or you can press f12 and then at the bottom of the window it'll show you that the version of fl studio that you have licensed will show up here at the very bottom so in my case that's producer edition and shows up right there and well hopefully that was helpful for you guys to be able

to see how to install and unlock fl studio in windows 10 I also have a few videos about helping you get started in fact i have part one part two and part three of just how to use the program and then how to use things like a midi keyboard and then also doing things like

recording audio or instruments inside of fl studio and I'll also put those links in the description below if you have any comments or questions

let me know and I will see you in the next round you 

instalation Instructions:

- Install "Install FL Studio. pkg" Do not launch FL Studio 20 after installation.

- Open "FL Patch.dmg"

- Move and replace "FL Studio" with "Applications".

- Launch FL Studio download the license file "FLRegKey_20.8_Mac.reg"

FL Studio will require a restart. Reply "No" to the sentence "Do you want to save the project?"

- Close FL Studio. Go to Documents \ Image-Line \ FL Studio \ Settings \ Internet \

- Delete the file "Default news.RSS"

- Create a FOLDER named "Default news.RSS"

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