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Avant Pop Vocals description:

Avant Pop Vocals and Sounds offer charged elective pop, blending charming vocals in with sharp-edged rich drums and metal percussion. An exceptional sound plan, test handling, and computer game synthesizers make the reason for sweet vocal snares, forceful hooligan vocals, and incredible overhead lines. 
A total vocal assortment, set up and tuned past radio pop, incorporates sweet snares, adlibs, sparkled and cut ​​melodies, and percussive vocal circles. Fat 808s, drum singles, and circles pair with advanced synths, rolling basslines, embellishments, and advances. 
Including the inventiveness and sound plan of maker/sound designer Shiftee, this pack contains nitty-gritty vocal courses of action and a smart sound plan. As usual, we utilize a top-notch simple chain comprising of an AKG C414 BXLS II mouthpiece, a UA 610-B preamp, and UA SSL E channel strip handling to catch painstakingly separated adjusted and dynamic vocal exhibitions. 
Exploit the option with this determination of shiny new, unique examples and premium vocals.

Avant Pop Vocals & Sounds Content:

  • Melodic & Drums
  • 30 Drum & Percussion One Shots
  • 18 Drum & Percussion Loops
  • 32 Synth & Bass Loops & One Shots
  • 14 SFX Loops & One Shot

  • Vocal Loops
  • 56 Vocal Hooks
  • 7 Adlibs
  • 29 Chopped & Glitched
  • 13 Vocal Percussion
  • 27 Vocoder

  • Vocal One Shots
  • 8 Phrases
  • 17 One Shots
  • 18 Adlibs
  • 9 Vocal SFX
    Avant Pop Vocals
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