Apple - Logic Pro 10.7.2 (macOS)

Apple - Logic Pro 10.7.2 screen shot

Year of release: 2021

Version: 10.7.1 MAS
Developer: Apple Inc.
Architecture: ARM, x86 (64-bit)
Interface language: English
Tablet: Not required - K'ed by TNT
System requirements: macOS 11.0 or newer

Logic Pro Description:

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You will receive weekly tech advice, in-depth reviews, and insightful news analysis for discerning Apple users. For the past 29 years, we have been publishing paid-for tech journalism that makes you smarter.

Logic Pro is the most recent version of Logic. For professional songwriting, beat making, editing, and mixing, sophisticated creative tools all have a modern interface at their core. It is made to give you more power when you need it and get results quickly. Logic Pro comes with a comprehensive collection of instruments, effects, loops, and samples, making it possible to create music that sounds amazing.

Apple has released Logic Pro 10.7.1, a maintenance release with bug fixes and enhancements, following its most recent significant update. The professional audio app fixes several hangs and crashes that occurred while projects were loading, ensures that audio does not drop out when opening or closing a Track Stack while playing a Spatial Audio project, shows the top channels in the Dolby Atmos plug-in after changing the bed track format to 5.1 or 7.1, ensures that all Touch Tracks trigger modes function reliably, and keeps search results visible when going through found items in the Sound Library. It costs $199.99 new in the Mac App Store and comes with a free update of 1.1 GB and release notes for macOS 11 and higher. The developers have also updated several built-in plugins to make them compatible with spatial audio. The list of compatible instruments includes the Tremolo effect, the stock limiter, the volume meter, and other treatments.

Specifics regarding the products:

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A problem with high-latency plug-ins that could cause timing issues for automation and side-chain routing is addressed by the new features and enhancements in Logic Pro 10.6.2. Stability and dependability Address a problem with Bass Amp Designer on a Mac running Rosetta 2 that could result in the abrupt termination of Logic Pro using Apple silicon. enhanced stability when making use of Audio Units that can be used directly on a Mac that is outfitted with Apple silicon. On the Vintage Organ, Logic Pro is no longer unable to respond when changing presets quickly. When Explode Folders is selected for a folder in the Score, Logic Pro will no longer abruptly quit. When renaming Arrangement Markers following the creation of a Marker Set, addresses a problem that caused Logic Pro to quit unexpectedly. The loading speed of performance instruments based on a large sample has improved. The play no longer appears to be stuck when playback is initiated after the computer has awoken from sleep. Performance is improved in large projects with the Console 1 Lua script installed. Slices that were manually created in Quick Sampler are now properly assigned to pads when converting to a Drum Machine Designer kit. When optimizing the start and end of the loop in Quick Sampler, the loop playback range is now updated as expected. Automating Smart Controls to modulate Envelope 1 Attack in Sampler now sounds right when the display shows the value returned to 0. Live Loops MIDI Live Loops cells that are set to Play from Playhead Position now playback in sync when triggered while the project is playing. Plug-ins fix a bug that made some multi-output Audio Unit software instruments show more outputs than were actually there. The expected MIDI output is now provided by plug-ins for the MIDI effect Audio Unit that runs natively on a Mac equipped with Apple silicon. Controls View is now supported by audio units with Apple silicon that run natively on a Mac. Performance is improved when streaming audio to Elektron hardware with the Elektron Overbridge plug-in. Mixer The Mixer now displays correctly after enabling the Hide buttons on several tracks. Content Time Machine volumes can no longer be selected as the destination when moving the Sound Library. solves a problem that made it impossible to move the Sound Library to an external drive. The plug-in automation of Audio Unit parameters that can be toggled now works as expected. The name of export and bounce regions that are bounced in place is now given by the Track, not the Channel Strip. Now working as expected, the Fades Edits that can be applied to multiple selected regions using the Fade tool is available. Touching the Limiter level parameter in Smart Controls could cause a sudden drop in the level, so Smart Controls addresses this issue. Track Stacks The names of the sub-tracks in a software instrument's track stack now appear correctly. Control surfaces and MIDI controllers: With Lua script support for control surfaces, a lot of problems can be fixed. When a Drum Machine Designer track is selected, control surfaces now display the channel strip as Drum Machine Designer rather than the audio plug-in's name on the first insert slot. General: Cycle is now disabled when Logic Pro is in play mode and the left and right locators are in the same position and Cycle is enabled. corrects an issue in which Mac's playhead may not respond appropriately upon awakening. A highlighted Marquee section is now cleared after being Option-dragged to copy it. Marquee selections are now deselected after the Repeat function has been used.

Logic Pro 10.7.2

topvsti File size 1.05 GB
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