The Sauce 1.2.2 by DJ Swivel – (VST3, AAX) [WiN x64]

The Sauce 1.2.2

hi it's Russ and I've got myself a copy of the virtual seize it from plug-in

boutique and this is an emulation of the Casio phase distortion PD synthesis that we had in these since in the eighties seated 101c xored 5000 si said 1000 that sees it 1 there are all sorts of different models and it's very like Yamaha FM

synthesis didn't probably catch on quite as much but it was still very popular it was affordable so it found itself on lots of records of the era and now plug-in Boutique have emulated it but they've done something quite cool as

0:45well so it's not only a virtual synth that you can use in your door but also you can use it as an editor if you've got the hardware version of these 80 cents if you're lying in the shed or in the attic of you actually got on in your studio still then you can actually edit

it on this and then via MIDI sit sysex you can send it across to the synth so I'm going to show you today this and how it works and the setup of it and let you hear some sounds of just not feeling still tuned together just to give you a quick kind of demo of some of

the sounds you, of course, download this yourself and demo so it's a one-screen plug-in I'd have to keep going to go through lots of different screens to find stuff and what we have on the left-hand side is the noise generation ...

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