TBProAudio - CS-5501 2.1.5 VST, VST3 x86 x64

TBProAudio - CS-5501

This is an amazingly innovative way of taking the best of a console-style channel strip and adding functionality that can only be done in the box. The interface design is amazingly efficient, the quality and amount of FX are worthy of awe, and the ability to route them so simply is really unique. It's too bad UAD hasn't taken all of its technology and put it to such good use. They have done a great job of recreating the analog wheel well enough in the digital realm that it will roll, but TBProAudio has raised the bar for everyone with this one. Schep's Omni and the latest CLA console strip coordinating disaster look pretty sad compared to this. I'm so underwhelmed by all the plugins supposedly made with "legendary" mixers who can't support their lifestyles without stamping their names on crap they'd never use so that Waves can steal lunch money from talentless kiddies who are younger than some of the hairs in Schep's beard or on CLA's arms. I still love the classic sound of my Neve 1073 channel strip from UAD (and many others), but this is really turning the game on its head. Between this and the absolutely MUST-HAVE plugin, AB_LM (A/B Loudness Match), I can't believe there's no more buzz around TBProAudio. Everything they make is amazing, and they have written something that takes care of everything I used to have to still resort to Waves to do, namely gain riding and room emulation for mixing on headphones. Buh-bye, Waves.

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