Redlight by UNDRGRND Sounds -(KONTAKT)

UNDRGRND Sounds - Redlight
Redlight contains more than 60 sound sources customized from analog classics, providing you with all the sound foundations you need to create real, hardware-inspired electronic music: warm bass, smooth chords, rich lead sounds, etc., can be combined with ease Create mixed sounds and sequences. Redlight comes with 139 presets, covering heavy bass, changing sequence tones, and rich chord sets, guaranteed to inspire you. With a powerful FX and sequence architecture, including LFO, multi-channel step sequence, powerful FX routing, and signal processing, you can adjust presets or create your own custom sounds with maximum flexibility. Redlight is now available for Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher. feature -Dual synthesizer architecture from classic analog sound sources.

A large number of onboard effects, such as convolution reverb, distortion, sample reduction, delay, and filters. -A unique step sequencer, each sound has a built-in effect sequence -Modulation matrix for each sound source for expert synthesizer sequencing and happy "accident" style programming -Snapshot presets for more than 130 sound types, including chords, tonics, bass, sequences, and textures. -More than 60 powerful multi-sample sources with unique and classic sounds in the history of dance music.

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