Nembrini Audio - Acoustic Voice Guitar Preamp 1.0.1 VST, VST3, AAX x64

Acoustic Voice Guitar Preamp
 The Acoustic Voice Preamp module, in light of innovative strategies created by studio specialists and makers, consolidates guitar demonstrating, studio preamps, and receivers, adjustment, deferral, and reverb to make current acoustic soundscapes. The Prem Acoustic Voice module is extraordinary for acoustic or electric guitars with piezoelectric transducers. 

The primary body of the Acoustic Voice module is a guitar imitating area with the best choice of unbelievable Martin * 0028EC, Gibson * L00, Landola * J80E, Society * D140CE, Ayers * DSR, and Taylor * 814CEDLX instruments. 

In Acoustic Voice, you can browse three chose receiver imitations: Audix * Adx51, Beyer dynamic * M201, Shure * SM57, by moving the virtual amplifier alongside the guitar from the neck to the extension and away from the instrument.

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