native instrument Scarbee Funk Guitarist v1.2 kontakt

Scarbee Funk Guitarist v1.2

 Description: Your right-hand controls the groove - each groove preset has three basic riffs and several variations. Your left hand selects chords and speeds, and each key is mapped to a specific chord. On each chord map, simply press the white keys upward from C to play authentic chord progressions, many of which are based on classic funk tracks - this instrument pays for its long funky tradition.

The chord finder is a compendium of funk guitar chords and voicings for building your own chord maps. Just select the chord you want - regardless of whether you can play it or not.
And if you're comfortable with the keys, use automatic chord detection to build your own chord maps. Whatever chord you play is instantly added to a chord list, including voicing, top notes, and alterations. Play a series of chords to create a mapping in seconds - perfect when you're working with existing pieces.
Every aspect of SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST is editable. The groove editor lets you manipulate the individual elements of a groove, so you can remodel existing grooves or create your own phrases out of different articulations.
Clever algorithms handle the transitions between up and down strokes, mutes, hammer-ons, and slides, to ensure that every groove sounds startlingly realistic. The same algorithms apply when you build grooves in the Groove Editor, providing a natural flow to your own custom riffs.
Over a year in the making, SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST is a breakthrough in guitar sampling. The construction process was incredibly detailed - 3411 chords, recorded in multiple velocities, up to 11 articulations, different playing positions, and pickup settings, resulting in up to 152 samples per chord. The finished instrument sounds organic and genuinely funky - it's almost impossible to hear the difference to the 'real thing'.
SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST is a credit to the team involved: Thomas Skarbye, guitarist Soren Reiff and script specialist Nils Liberg.
Product changes: No changes in this version

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