EPICA Redux by Zero-G -(KONTAKT)

EPICA Redux by Zero-G
 Epica Redux comes with an amazing interface that provides users with amazing sound-shaping capabilities. More than 17,000 24-bit samples have been manually edited, looped, and processed in multiple layers to produce an unparalleled rich and authentic sound that will amaze your audience. We have made some great presets to help you get started, with a total of 600 single instruments and more than 100 composite sounds. 

You’ll love how they instantly release part of your song without the need for equalizer or compression. They sound like a better phrase "warm, as real as a record." Epica sounds like... well... Epica, its timbre and versatility are unique, and it provides sounds that other synthesizers cannot. Epica Redux's samples are all recorded through a 100% high-quality hardware device chain, and no plug-ins are used to create the source sound. Creatively provide fresh timbre with rich timbre and its own characteristics.

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