SoundToys - The Ultimate Effects Solution

Year / Release Date : 12/19/2015
Version :
Developer : SoundToys
Format : VST
Bit depth : 32bit, 64bit
Tabletka : Cured

 Hey what's up  today i'm going to take you through my five favorite sound toys plugins i got my coffee i got my computer we're ready to rock let's who is soundtoys well they are a software company that specializes in vsts and plugins for audio engineering and as well as instruments actually so they create their own instruments which is super cool but we're focusing on the top five plugins personally that i use in my mixes not necessarily instruments but plugins that help add character dynamics to my own recordings so let's jump in number one echo boy so you may have heard of echo boy which is a delay plug-in and basically the reason why i'm in love with this thing is because it's kind of the one-stop shop for any needs when it comes to a delay it has capabilities of bringing your mono sound to stereo so being able to pan obviously you can change in which it responds rhythmically so you can go from quarter notes whole notes uh one bar two bar forever bars as many bars as you want and it can also go right down to the millisecond so if you're looking to chase a particular delay that's maybe not assigned to a note you can do that as well it's of course got saturation so you can be clearing up the brightness inputs and outputs to balance that out but the best point of it all is if you don't know where to start with these delays it's got a ton of presets that you can use just to get yourself going and you can just be cycling through these and figure out whatever sounds you want so echoboy must-have .

 number two little plate now i have only been using this thing for a couple of months but i cannot believe how i have overlooked such an incredible plug-in it's got literally three knobs it's about as simple as you can get for a reverb plug-in and let's just kind of break it down quickly for you it's got literally your dry and wet knob so that literally tells you how much the reverb is actually present you can change its frequency range so you can go from the low frequencies all the way to the higher frequencies and then you've actually just got your delay in it and that's you're in the mix and that essentially tells you whether or not your reverb sounds like you are in a theater where it's open it's wide it sounds like you go on for days or it sounds like you're in this room where it's acoustic acoustically treated for you know for the most part but this thing is so simple but it gives you so much control over exactly what you sound and not to mention it's got its own character and it sounds beautiful love it i don't mind out of my sight here we go one more time number three little altar boy now this one is a bit of a weird name but i love what it does uh specifically speaking with regards to the actual plug-in and basically this thing is an effects modulator or for me it's a vocal modulator because what it has the capabilities of doing is changing the pitch of a sound but also the format of the sound.

 now the format is like the tone of your voice I may be in the same key as somebody like barry white but barry white sounds a whole lot different with his tone and also he's in a different pitch so he's a little bit lower in the pitch so basically what i'm trying to say is that this little alter boy is fantastic if you want to give your vocals or an instrument a different tone and also perhaps even a different octave and now if you understand melodies and harmonies well you can actually be tuning the pitch in in this plug-in to allow you to actually create harmonies with it as well thanks to the pitch knob it's super effective it creates a great style it actually adds a little bit of the secret sauce that i love to add to things and it's just an overall plug-in...

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