Auto-Align Post 1.1.1 by Sound Radix - AAX x64

Sound Radix - Auto-Align Post

Year / Date of Release : 05.2020
Version : 1.1.1
Developer : Sound Radix
Developer site : soundradix
Format : AAX (MODiFiED)
Bit depth : 64bit
Tablet : cured
System requirements : Windows: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, 4GB RAM, Windows 7 or higher

Description: Auto-Align Post is designed to automatically correct phase problems when mixing multiple tracks, for example, when setting up shooting and multiple capture devices. Until now, correcting a phrase has been a tedious and time-consuming job that often took several hours to correct. Based on the proprietary technology of the innovative Auto-Align ™ module, the company has developed a next-generation algorithm that makes phase/time correction of a moving multi-microphone recording of a whole film in a few clicks.


Corrects distances up to ~ 112 feet / ~ 34 meters or ± 100ms delay.

Dynamic mode provides continuous phase/time correction for moving actors/cameras.

Static mode allows fixed phase/time correction for stationary microphones.

Multichannel support.

Easy to operate - no manual adjustments required.

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