Windows 11 Dev OS x64 Build 21996.1.210529-1541 - Torrent


 to everyone's surprise, Microsoft presented Windows 11 good surprise quickly because in fact we had known for a month but they still announced some interesting things and we will talk about it, for almost an hour Panos Panay all these teams presented the new windows we have selected some of the most important new ones that absolutely had to be remembered and then after we will explain the different prerequisites the questions we can still ask ourselves about this windows and the answers that we already have from the first and most important part is the one we had already seen in our previous video so we will not go into detail about sucking up the changes around the windows interface with the official Microsoft presentation video we were able to see an ultra-clean version. 

of this new interface which highlights the effects of transparency effects a little rounded windows for everything that is going to be the windows of the system so we really have a redesign in any case on the surface of the entire interface the file explorer the Microsoft office applications the start menu the famous one which is now and in the center of the screen all that has been redone to freshen up windows is really a drop of modernity at the bend of a video dedicated to developers after the conference we even saw the new file explorer so it's not an incredible redesign of the explorer of files which dated% from windows 7 but we have the new graphic elements of windows which are present the effects of transparency of sweat relief we have everything that will make the identity of windows, we will finally have something completely coherent for the 'user.

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