Ultimate Stage Pianos HD (KONTAKT library)

Ultimate Stage Pianos

 hello guys I'm back and this time again I'm going to talk here about the team, the piano has been through several, their GDP is already in the third and I'm impressed so far a fantastic quality and managed to reach a surprising result and yesterday I was listening to sounds calmly analyzing properly it was perfect perfect so the video doesn't get too big i'll get to the point i'll show you there are several pianos where there's an electric piano wonderful consultation is the change you've had you'll be aware of everything ok i'm here with the north whatever the name is x and come back with a controller then it will be very nice it will be very interesting because you will hear the timbre of the piano that the same piano that is Silvio is big, I use the mold here and the same as it is here it will be used is at my junior friend's bookstore ok so let's start with piano number 3 ac from the bookstore team be on pianos this is silvio it's big it's the same one that's been using for a long time time here at our limit is well identified with this piano and for the comparisons we are going to make now be more perfect I decided to do it with silvio it's big to have the same sound which is how it should be done so let's go both they are at the maximum quality and I downloaded it here for the xl mold I think that's what the maximum size and June did when he did the sampa collections it was for the maximum size for us to have the best quality that's why he got this result. I'm amazed so far there's a fantastic quality not to be alone in my conversations I'll show you I'll be playing on a controller after nine for you and seeing where the quality is so come on I'll start playing from the first octave it's the control what I'm doing in the north is the 1...

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