UJAM - Total Beatmaker Bundle 2.1.2 VSTi, AAX x64


UJAM - Beatmaker Bundle

Description: Drum Tool Kit: DOPE is your fastest ticket to the underground world of cool hip-hop beat production. No more need to break all this dusty vinyl at the local music store in the hope of finding the perfect sampled bit. EDEN is a specialist in dance and electronic dance music, he will be the headliner of any place, from the little sweaty Berlin clubs to the huge world festivals. EDEN is a drive rhythm that will make the dance floor and party filled the night away. GLORY is a virtual beatmaker for all kinds of trapp and modern hip-hop. Where heavy 808 bass drums meet with insane hi-hat, occupying the top of the billboard charts. 

Create bits that bounce and rattle with GLORY! HUSTLE is your rhythmic assistant in music styles such as Trap and Dirty South. To the place and ready to declare themselves for all types of modern urban styles, who need a dirty bit, a shaking basement, or a rough grove Grime. HYPE - An instrument filled with Progressive House and EDM samples, presets and full grooves, so you can create drum tracks in minutes. With HYPE, you can create drive rhythms that confound the usual sample packets, all at the touch of a button. It syncs with the tempo of your DAW, and you can play an almost infinite number of loops as if you were playing an instrument. 

KANDY is an advanced virtual beatmaker that uses processed samples and state-of-the-art sound design to top the billboard charts. Easy to create bits for the entire bandwidth of modern pop music in the A-listing! One thing that unites pop artists from the A-list list is the emphasis on bits. NEMESIS - Cyberpunk bits. Put on your exoskeleton and get ready for a grim adventure with Beatmaker NEMESIS. The dynamic drum machine has everything you need to create powerful, dark and complex music. 

The powerful percussion sounds in NEMESIS have been designed to be aggressive and futuristic. VICE - What sounds come to your mind when you think of the 80s? Fashion pop music? Big synths, powerful digital drums and lots of gated reverb? Into the bull's-eye. These elements of the style have been rediscovered by modern producers in genres such as Synthwave. VICE contains everything you need to create drum tracks for anything from the authentic 80s to Synthwave. VOID - You don't have to spend hours balancing the drum and the snare drum, changing just one sample to discover that you need to remake the entire rhythm. With VOID, you can touch one key and get the right sound from the start. It instantly syncs with the tempo of your DAW, and with just a few notes you can create perfect fillies and breakdowns to make your fans scream with delight.

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