Tone2 - Icarus 1.6 STANDALONE, VSTi x64


Tone2 - Icarus 1.6

Description: Icarus - new exceptionally powerful '3D table-wave synth'. It offers a fresh signature sound that will quickly attract the attention of your audience. Innovative resynthesis can remake any sound with the click of a mouse. An easy-to-use interface and a huge number of inspiring factory sounds allow you to create professional tracks quickly and effortlessly. Sound quality is superior to conventional synthesizers, but you don't need to have a computer like NASA's to be able to use Icarus, as it offers the best sound quality and low CPU consumption. We have expanded the popular traditional wave synthesis, which is capable of cross-mixing signals with an additional dimension for morphing. Along with many other innovations, this is one of the secrets to why Icarus can create sounds with lots of dynamic expression and mobility. Get instantly a huge amount of fresh sounds and create tracks with a unique character!

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