Tone Empire - Reelight Pro 1.0.6 VST3

Tone Empire - Reelight Pro

Description: The processor is made up of a compressor and a belt saturator.
For achieving an authentic ribbon vibe, Reelight Pro is a ribbon saturation plugin with a number of features and desirable ribbon-related artifacts.

The plugin faithfully replicates ambience and overall sound, as well as tape saturation and compression. We offer six tape recorders with two speeds and varying levels of sampling and modeling for the most realistic sound possible!

In contrast to analog recording, digital audio recording provided sound engineers with a great deal of flexibility. Even though all of the instruments were present, the sound and sound of the earlier recordings were severely lacking for musicians and engineers. We all take for granted the magical qualities that recording media automatically provide.

By reproducing the authentic sounds of tape from not one but six distinct tape recorders at various speeds and levels, the plug-in known as Reelight Pro aims to bring us closer to the "reel" sound of tape. Tape speed, offset, input saturation, crosstalk, and even tape-delivered compression can all be controlled separately with this plugin! The plugin comes with a lot of presets to help you get started or make your own!

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