T-RackS 5 Complete 5.5.0 by IK Multimedia - STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AAX, AU WIN.OSX x64


T-RackS 5 Complete 5.5.0
we are talking about the T-RackS 5 Complete 5.5.0 master match plug-in by ik multimedia so what this plugin does is it basically takes reference tracks that you load into it and it copies the eq spectrum of it and also the level and applies it to your song so it's basically a mastering plugin and it's also supposed to be the last step in the chain so in this tutorial you're going to know how to use this plug-in from start to finish you're basically an expert in it after you finish watching this and i hope you guys like this plug-in and if you do you guys can go to the link below and actually go buy it for yourselves so before we get to this tutorial i do remind you guys that i offer mixing and mastering services if you go to audiosourcer.com .

you can check out my samples and my rates and i gave 20 off to new customers all you can do is sign up for an email list and definitely sign up anyway because i send out newsletters also now tips i also send out new products that are coming out so you guys can be aware of them so it's worth your time signing up so if you guys haven't like in this video give it a thumbs up please subscribe and hit that notification about turning i have new videos coming out so with that being said let's get to this tutorial [Music] alright so here we are in pro tools and today we are talking about the t-rex master match plugin here and that is by ik multimedia so you guys have probably asked yourself well what is this plugin what does it do so what this plugin does is you can load reference songs into it basically songs that you think sound great and that were mixed and mastered well and this plug-in is going to analyze them and then compare to your song and try to copy the you know spectral eq of your reference tracks and also try to match the loudness of them so the idea of this is it's going to basically ...

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