Stingray Instruments - Granular Nightmares Omnisphere Presets

Granular Nightmares Omnisphere Presets

We really enjoy a good dream, but a devilish nightmare can be just as enjoyable, which is a little-known fact. Granular Nightmares is a new product from Stingray Instruments that combines the concept of using tiny grains to transform your nightmares into tiny specks of terror. A sound set for Omnisphere that sounds so grainy it will make you sleepy! The cool thing is that it's a cinematic compilation of sci-fi, tension, and epic goodness rather than just a collection of horrifying noises. With a modern twist, think of all those magical scores from the past!
At Stingray Towers, we carefully considered what would go well with Granular Dreams. We said "yes" to synths and supersaws, to making this cinematic sound set, and to more playable, melodic instruments. There is, in fact, some mod wheel nonsense, brand-new textures and pads, and our custom-made samples. In fact, 121 brand-new Omnisphere presets are created using 84 of them.
So, start watching Granular Nightmares right now and get ready for some delightful entertainment.
Disclaimer: During the production of this sound set, no grains were damaged. They were just a little bit "smushed" around!


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