Stingray Instruments - Granular Nightmares Omnisphere Presets

Granular Nightmares Omnisphere Presets

 It's a little-known fact that while we really enjoy a good dream, a devilish nightmare can be just as fun! Throw into the mix the idea of ​​using tiny grains to turn your nightmares into little specs of terror, Stingray Instruments presents to you, Granular Nightmares. A sound set for Omnisphere so grainy, it will give you nightmares! But the cool bit is, it's not really a collection of horrid noises, it's a cinematic compendium of sci-fi, tension, and underscore epic goodness. Think all of those magical scores of yesteryear, with a modern twist!

Over at Stingray Towers, we thought long and hard about what would complement Granular Dreams. We said “yes” to more playable, melodic instruments, “yes” to synths and super saws, and “yes” to make this one hell of a cinematic sound set. There is indeed some mod wheel tomfoolery, textures and pads never seen before, and our trademark bespoke samples. In fact, 84 of them are used to create 121 all-new Omnisphere presets.

So tune into some Granular Nightmares today, and let the delightful fun commence.

Disclaimer: No grains were hurt in the making of this sound set. They were just “smushed” about a bit!

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