Sektor 1.4.0 by Initial Audio - STANDALONE, VSTi x64 + Deep Bass Riddims, Love Trap EXPANSION WIN. OSX


Sektor 1.4.0

Hello, and welcome to the mix quest to become a beatmaker point. In this video, I'm going to share a rather exceptional offer with you. One sentence is insane, and it's the deal of the year for me because deals like this are so uncommon in the virtual instrument market. Table-wave virtual polyphonic synthesizer

that there will be others by the end of the year, so 7.7 of this deal is proposed to us by initial audio. It pertains to their sector synth, which is a very powerful synth. However, you will not find this offer on the audio initials site; rather, you will find it via an adjacent site. I have included the link in the description of the video so that you can access it. You can also access various audio demos so that you can form your own opinion regarding the level of the sound quality of this machine.

The developers of Sektor have a number of advantages, the most important of which are high-quality sound, a graphical interface that is easy to use, numerous customization options, and sound design. The following is a comprehensive list of the new synth's other features: Characteristics: two sub-oscillators and two table-wave oscillators;

Two filters, two ADSR envelope generators, and four LFOs, each of which can be used as a modulation source, make up the OSC section for controlling the voices of individual oscillators.

two slots for effects and a sophisticated sequencer and arpeggiator.

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