Sektor 1.4.0 by Initial Audio - STANDALONE, VSTi x64 + Deep Bass Riddims, Love Trap EXPANSION WIN. OSX


Sektor 1.4.0

hello hello,  here mix quest to become a beatmaker point as in this video I am going to share a rather exceptional offer with you one sentence is insane even it is for me the deal of the year since it is so rare to see deals like this in the virtual instrument market I think not Description: Virtual polyphonic table-wave synthesizer.

that there will be others by the end of the year so 7.7 of this deal and is proposed to us by initial audio it concerns their sector synth that a very powerful synth by the way you do not have not found this offer on the audio initials site you will find it via an adjacent site I put the link in the description under the video for you to access it you can also access different audio demos for you make your own opinion on the level of the sound quality of this machine is therefore initial audio offers us neither more nor less than less than 90% on the initial price of the sector, that is to say that you will be able to touch it at 13 euros instead of Usual 130 euros attention it is only valid for a few days so do not miss this offer directly seized funds because it passes very quickly so I will list you a little the possibilities offered by this sector without giving you a really real demonstration of in gin so you know that initial or basically you know you don't know it besides initial audio.

The main advantages of Sektor's developers are high-quality sound, simple, intuitive graphical interface, wide possibilities of customization, and sound design. As for other features of the new


all of them are listed below: Characteristics: two table-wave oscillators plus a sub-oscillator;

OSC's section to control individual oscillators' voices

Two filters, two ADSR envelope generators, and four LFOs, each of which can be used as a modulation source;

two effects slots and an advanced sequencer/arpeggiator.

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