SampleTank 4 4.0.8 by IK Multimedia - STANDALONE,VSTi,VSTi3,AAX,AU x64

SampleTank 4 MAX

Year / Date of Release: 10.2019
Version: 4.0.8
Developer: IK Multimedia
Developer site: IK Multimedia
Bit depth: 64bit
Tablet: present

 what up guys welcome back to the channel it's your guy some some some hit the keys here today to do a quick review and demonstration over sample tank cs by Ikea multimedia I might know if you guys checked out the video I dropped maybe about a few weeks ago called AmpliTube 5cs it was basically a free guitar rig well this is by the same company um as I was looking through the product manager I noticed that they had a bunch of free products, uh to download so I was like a man let me go ahead and download some of this stuff check it out and bring it to you guys and tell you what I think uh make sure if you guys like this content you drop a whole elbow on that like button hit subscribe and that notification bell so every time we bring you guys a new. all right so I brought you guys to the product manager first and basically if you download amplitude or anything like that um you get some free products too um so you see here you get AmpliTube five you get custom shop you get sampletank and you get.

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