Orb Producer Suite 2.0.3 - Hexachords


Orb Producer Suite 2.0.3

Hi everybody and welcome! Today let's take

a look at the Orb Producer Suite. (I know...SWEEET :) It's a series of plugins to generate an infinite

amount of patterns, melodies, and basslines. Morningdew Media presents Mattias

Holmgren. Right, so at the core, the Orb Producer Suite

is four plugins for generating melodies, arpeggios, basses, and chords. And while the other application called Orb

Composer is a standalone app, the Orb Producer suite is now a plugin suite. So you can basically load up these plugins

in your favorite DAW like Bitwig Studio for instance or Logic, Studio One, Ableton etc. So, we have four different plugins here; 

chords, bass, arpeggios, and melody. And you use these in combination. They are all synced together so in this project

here I have the Orb Chords on my top track. Then I have a plugin with the Orb Bass, and

we have the Orb Arpeggios and finally the Orb Melody plugin. 

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