Microsoft Office 2007 SP3 Enterprise (Word + Excel + Outlook + PowerPoint + Access)


Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 2007 was a release of the Office software suite that came after Microsoft Office 2003 and before Microsoft Office 2010.
On November 30, 2006, it was made available to businesses; on January 30, 2007, it was made available to individuals. The Windows Vista operating system was also made available at the same time.
2012 saw the end of the primary support, which was increased in 2017.
The package's version has changed from prior iterations: several apps have begun using the Ribbon interface; Office Open XML has replaced Office Assistant as the default application format; Microsoft Groove, Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer, and Microsoft Accounting have all emerged.
OpenDocument is supported natively in Microsoft Office 2007 SP2.
Microsoft Office 2007 received its first upgrade package (SP1).

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