Master Tones - British Kolorizer 1.0.0 VST3, AU WIN.OSX x64

British Kolorizer

Description : Master Tones offers an analog saturation and equalizer plug-in based on the British Kolorizer artificial intelligence ($ 149).

The plugin is based on a British tube amp and uses Master Tones 'Ariosa' analog modeling technology.

British Kolorizer: debut of Ariosa technology. Instead of simulating individual components of an analog circuit, the Ariosa engine (and similar technologies) analyzes the audio output of analog equipment to simulate its characteristics in the digital domain.

Ariosa, our flagship analog modeling engine, combines several cutting-edge concepts in modern artificial intelligence (AI), including Differentiated Digital Signal Processing (DDSP), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Neural Networks (DL). Using the power of artificial intelligence, Ariosa not only accurately simulates the target analog machine without explicitly knowing the circuit diagram, but also precisely defines its characteristics. British Kolorizer uses internal oversampling (96 kHz) with minimal latency and fairly low CPU consumption.

British Kolorizer (BK):

the first plug-in from Ariosa, is designed to digitize and optimize a British analog tube amplifier. Instead of analyzing the circuit, Ariosa was trained to directly fit the audio output of analog equipment. When modeling an amplifier, an important feature is the degree of coloration depending on the level of the input signal, which makes the sound more varied in timbre. For this, the dynamics of the input signal for training is carefully designed.

The Fat and Brightness knobs are designed to color the sound, but target different frequency ranges. Raising the Fat knob increases the bass for warmth and richness; as the dimmer value is increased, the higher frequencies will be more colored, which creates a feeling of lightness. The combination of the two controls is fully sampled, allowing the BK to more closely mimic the behavior of a British tube amp.

Ariosa is a new AI-powered analog simulation technology. This core engine has high fidelity and maintains the characteristics of the hardware. We also optimize computing performance and reduce latency so that the plugin is available on a regular laptop. The British Kolorizer is the first product modeled by Ariosa. Quantification demonstrates the success of accurately simulating tube amplifiers.

The British Kolorizer, or BK for short, takes sound to a whole new level - from vintage to luxurious! The great sound of tomorrow comes to you today! BK delivers a dramatic cutting edge AI advantage!

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