FL Studio v20.8.3.2293 BY Line-Image - (86x-64x)

FL Studio v20.8.3

 welcome to the fl studio 20 complete beginner's guide i'm michael and today i'm going to be showing you how to use this software from a beginner's perspective simplifying the process and just making sure that you really understand the basics of the software so that you can start making music the way that you want to i've been using fl studio for a few years professionally mixing music producing mastering music.

 and I'm also an fl studio power user but I do remember what it was like beginning and just how complicated everything looked today I'm just going to be simplifying the whole process so that we can just start making music and stop worrying about the software so much so let's just get straight into it when you first open up fl studio it might look a little bit confusing but don't worry this is all going to make sense in just a few minutes the first thing would be looking at the menus and these buttons up at the top so you've got your file menus and your options menus if you go into file menu this is where you're going to be opening projects saving projects exporting your mp3s and wav files got your midi settings audio settings general settings all of that stuff so you can sort of configure things the way you want with your sound card with your midi controller.

 I have videos showing how to set up the audio interfaces and midi controllers I'll link all of that stuff in the description if you move across the top bar we have master volume and master pitch it's best to just leave these exactly where they are and we have the transport controls here so you can either choose between your song or your pattern I'll explain the difference in a minute and you've got your play pause stop and record and your tempo now you can change the tempo by clicking and dragging left click and drag or by typing in a value or by just choosing a set value whenever you hover over something there's a little guide at the top left that shows you what it is says this is a metronome this is a countdown before recording this is typing keyboard to piano keyboard these little options here are to do with recording and editing and they'll make sense in no time at all the next thing we're going to do is look over to here ...

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