FL Studio v20.8.3.2293 BY Line-Image - (86x-64x)

FL Studio v20.8.3

I'm Michael and I'm going to show you how to use FL Studio 20 from a beginner's perspective today. I'm going to simplify the process and make sure you understand the software's fundamentals so you can start making music the way you want to. I've been using FL Studio professionally for a few years mixing, producing, and mastering music.

 Also, I'm a power user of FL Studio, but I remember how complicated things were in the beginning. I'm going to simplify the process so that we can just start making music and stop worrying about the software. Let's just get right into it. When you first open FL Studio, it might look a little bit confusing, but don't worry—this will all make sense in just a few minutes. In the file menu, you can open projects, save projects, export your mp3s and wav files ...

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