FL Studio Producer Edition by Image-Line + Signature Bundle v20.7.2.1863


fl studio 20.8
Welcome to the fl studio 20 complete beginner's guide I'm going to be showing you how to use this software from a beginner's perspective simplifying the process and just making sure that you really understand, the basics of the software so that you can start making music the way that you want to I've been using fl studio for a few years professionally mixing music producing mastering music and I'm also an fl studio power user but I do remember what it was like beginning and just how complicated everything looked today I'm just going to be simplifying the whole process so that we can just start making music and stop worrying about the software so much so let's just get straight into it when you first open up fl studio it might look a little bit confusing but don't worry this is all going to make sense in just a few minutes the first thing would be looking at the menu. 

your audio all of your automation all of your midi information stored for your patterns then the patterns are going to be arranged on the playlist to create your song and then all the while the actual audio is going to be sent through the mixer where you can use various effects and plugins to manipulate the sounds and create the sort of sounds you want and really the best way to get used to it is to spend time and keep being open to new suggestions new ideas learn a few shortcut keys here and there and just make sure that you're feeling really comfortable and secure inside the software so that you just feel like you are in control of it i have loads more videos which i'll leave in the description showing different workflow tips and project templates to get you up and running and all of that stuff so please feel free to pour through any of those videos and just grab the information that you want from them hopefully this video has helped you get started in fl studio but if you do have any questions or comments please just leave them in the comment section down below and i'd love to help you out and get you up and running with this software so that you can make music just the way that you want.

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