Dragon Fire 1.0.0 by Denise Audio - VST, VST3, AU (macOS)

Denise Audio – Dragon Fire
hello everybody hopes you're doing marvelously well we're going to try another plug-in from our good friends at Denise audio as you know Denise audio do pretty revolutionary products where they I don't know what's the best way of describing it think outside of the box I talk a lot about as people are coming up in this industry do they really need to be only using emulations of old equipment shouldn't people be designing things like compressors, for instance, any cues and reverbs and delays that don't adhere to old stereotypes to push the boundaries a bit well we've been very happy with everything that Denise audio has done thus far and we're hoping that this is going to take it to another level as well because Denise audio has brought out I suppose what they're calling.

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