Denise Audio – Perfect Plate XL 1.0.2 (VST, VST3, AU) [mac OS]

Denise Audio – Perfect Plate XL

friends hello with you roman sticks in this video I will tell you about the new plug-in this plate is from denis audio and in my opinion it deserves attention so let's go somehow talked about their plug-in perfect room perfect room and now, actually speaking, the perfect room came out plate where do these names come from with the word ideal, that is, what task did the developers set for themselves, they set themselves the task of getting rid of unpleasant metallic overtones, whether in the room or in plate reverberation, that is, on the one hand, this is an algorithmic plug-in, on the other side of its sounding as much as possible smooth and pleasant, but with the ability to interfere with it, on the contrary, all kinds of dirt and even special resonances, that is, if you suddenly need resonance and you need these, please have them, so let's.

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