Arcade 1.6.1 + LiBRARY CONTENT

 Description: Output Arcade is a cloud-based loop synthesizer. A new approach to working with samples.

Output has released an unusual Output Arcade synthesizer. The instrument has an interesting approach to the principles of working with virtual synthesizers.

Arcade's sound is based on magnifying glass from the cloud library, which is accessed by a paid subscription ($10/month). After the start of the synthesizer, the user selects a set of sounds and begins to independently shape the sound of the instrument. You can change the sound with 11 built-in effects and modulation capabilities.

Further work with the synthesizer is also different from the usual scheme, in which the keys of the MIDI keyboard play the same sound with a rise of half a ton. Instead, the white keys are responsible for running different loops, and the black keys change their sound.

Access to the magnifying glass in the cloud library is through a built-in browser. All content is divided into three categories (Product Lines, Kits, Loops), and you can search for the right sounds by tags or keywords.

Along with the synthesizer come several sets of sounds (Kits, 15 loops each). There is no point in talking about their versatility: the developers emphasize the possibility to create a synthesizer for themselves on the basis of the proposed loops. If you don't have the right sounds in the catalog, the user can import their own content and process it with Arcade.

42.58 GB

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