Altiverb v7.0.5 byAudio Ease AU. VST (mac)

Altiverb v7.0.5
Altiverb version 7.0.5 : I'll use Protools here to demonstrate but Altiverb runs in most host
applications. Here's Altiverb 7, the original, professional, convolution
reverb plugin. It creates reverb by using actual
samples of real spaces from all around the world.
And as you see Altiverb is bypassed now. If I hit
play, in Pro Tools you'll hear some dry drums. When I switched Altiverb out of bypass you heard the drums in the
room that you see right here, which is Teldex recording studio in
Berlin, Germany. So Altiverb applies the acoustics of a real room to your dry recording. It's a
bit hard to believe. To do it, we need this: A click with a rooms reverb tail. We get that click reverb by putting up microphones in a room together with a speaker. And because it is hard and dangerous to play back a loud click, we play back a sine wave
sweep instead. We later calculate the sweep out of the recording which gives us that click with reverb.
Now take a look at one of your dry recordings. Zoom all the way in and you'll find that it's a stepped line.
Actually each and every one of these steps is a
click. Clicks are pointing up and down at different volumes but essentially they're all the same. Now all we need to
do is replace each click from the dry base by a scaled
click reverb that we just made in the room and then the base will end up sounding like it's played in that room. To illustrate: use that dry base, actually
played back through our on stage speaker in the Antwerp Opera and recorded at the balcony seats

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