Zero-G Ethera Gold Sahara Voices - (kontakt)

Zero-G Ethera Gold Sahara

 Ethera Gold - Sahara Voices - True LegatoWith the Ethera Series, Zero-G improved a surprising course of True Legatos. Developing a True Legato request a fate of fabric and uses many, many specimens. Each interval has been sampled in up to 3 separate graver so that the user can choose, using MIDI-fleetness (0 to 95, and 96 to 127), which connected interval is preferable for a position. Ethera Gold - Sahara Voices - Vocal PhrasesSampling the Human Voice is a great challenge. With Zero-G's Emotive True Legato and Epic True Legato, you are offered the best and most realistic vocal Instrument on the market. However, the Human Voice is complicated and so for this sense, the Vocal Phrases Instrument is especially important. The Vocal Phrases Instrument contributes to you with hundreds of fantastic ready-to-use vocal performances. Imagine, you are composing the vibe for a Blockbuster Trailer, or a Video Game and you directly destitution a voice with a great reputation that will fit completely with your descant. Well, this arrangement is for you! Or if you want some inspiration for your consistency then this instrument can be the starting point to rely on your harmony around. Ethera Gold Sahara Voices inhold over 1600 dexterous-to-use Vocal Phrases, from Dramatic to Epic, from Ethereal to Modern, all organized by BPM and KEY. There is a fortune of other KEYS (C, D, E, G, A) second-hand the Time Mode with Pitch Shifting you can incubate all the Key possibilities. With a Pitch shifting of +-1 semitones, the unharmed quality is still very good. A tonic phrase in E can be converted to F with +1 semitone, or a sonant locution in C can be taken down to B with a -1 semitone of arranging fugitive. Each sonorous phrase comes in many different tempos: 95bpm, 115bpm, and 130bpm, etc. If you extremity to turn the autochthon tempo of a selected tonic describe you can employ the Time Mode. We suggest using only a trivial tempo vary to maintain the disposition of the original match. For model, from 115bpm to 120 bpm or from 130bpm to 125bpm, etc. Using Time Mode, the sonorous locution will be synced to the tempo of the DAW Host. Ethera Gold - Sahara Voices – SustainsThis utensil includes a sort of oral phonemes, including Melisma & Sustains. The controls of the Home Page are similar to some of the other instruments’ govern. With the Key Switches colored RED, you can choose the various articulations. With the Modulation Wheel (CC 91) you can rule the intenseness of the sound and create a confluent with another vocal pattern.

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