now you'll like this one if you want a nice sounding bass for pop-rock funk or other styles but you don't want to spend more than 20 bucks I've got a doozy here, for you X bass from experiment 2 project, this is a deceivingly simple base with a, it has ghost notes certain low velocities which can be increased in the instruments contact edit page in case you want to focus more on these notes, there are multiple release types to add in hand in front movement sounds which can all be boosted in volume for a more, hands-on sound the top velocities have a slapping sound as well so you can add even more attitude, to your track.

 this is all super useful and makes the library more flexible for getting different attitudes of base depending on your track the sound is also clear and, crisp so it'll fit well into various applications and sounds good when amped, and you also get staccato is to round everything up this base may not have all the fret options deep-sampled legato and hefty round robins of more expensive bass libraries but it's phenomenal quality at a phenomenal price and I find it to be more flexible in general for various work definitely pick this one up and if you want my tweaked patches for the full version of Kontakt 6. you can download them at the link in the description and that's that I'll see you next time with another library check you later.

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