Voltis (DiVA) by Tom Wolfe

 hi everyone here in this article I'll be showing you some of the presets from voltis for yuhi diva featuring 100 presets voltis is full of gritty cinematic, synths that push diva to the limits inspired by film scores old and new these presets are fizzing with analog-style energy to create vintage-sounding synths with a modern touch, from clicky intense sequences to washy atmospheric pads and plenty in between voltis is great for throwback synth tracks or for layering with modern orchestration to create hybrid scores, with just a hint of retro synth so let's take a listen.

let's have a look at how to create it, okay so I've got an initialized version of diva here with just a sawtooth wave okay so first up let's set up our envelopes so I'm going to swap both of our envelopes to analog envelopes just because they're a little bit better for the kind of creating, those pad sounds than the Moog style ads envelopes there so firstly let's set up our amp envelope so just gonna just turn that down slightly, sustain all the way up um but I'm also going to put in a little bit of velocity as well because when you've got a pad you do want it to be a little bit kind of velocity-sensitive, okay so we've got the kind of basic shape of our pad there.

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