TH-U Premium 1.4.0 by Overloud - STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AAX x64


The massive new version of Overloud's multi-award-winning flagship Guitar Amp Simulation software, TH-U Premium, welcomes you to a new frontier. TH-U is the world's largest collection in a single package, with 239 models and more than 1,000 presets for all musical genres. The revolutionary IR processor known as the SuperCabinet, which makes use of Overloud's Fluid Convolution Technology, is now included! To create completely unique cabinet tones, you can combine up to four different IRs, EQ them, pan them in the stereo field, and increase their stereo depth. Additionally, you can purchase add-on SuperCabinet libraries to continue expanding your tonal options!


239 designs! Get 89 guitar amplifiers and 4 bass amplifiers—the largest collection in the world—into your computer or mobile device. It also includes amp modeling and amp capturing technology. Check out the full list of models: 50 guitar cabinets and 2 bass cabinets; 77 pedal and rack effects; 18 microphone models, each with up to four microphones; more than 1,000 presets for all kinds of music; and free presets every month! • Rig Player (with 20 factory rigs) allows you to reproduce rig models created by capturing real setups • One entire preset bank dedicated to bass • Randall®, DVmark®, Brunetti®, and THD® authorized models that have been approved by the original manufacturers • Amp Tweak technology, which enables you to modify the amplifiers by changing the tube models of the preamp and poweramp, as well as simulating the action of a variac • Rig Player (with

• Advanced cabinet emulation with ReSPiRe 2 technology • Built-in convolver to load external guitar cab IRs • Flexible sound chain with split point for parallel processing • Fully customizable MIDI control for live usage • BREVERB and SpringAge based reverb effects • Full compatibility with TH3 user presets • More than 8000 captured rigs from the largest library in the world!

• It has a mobile version. Check out TH-U iOS: • New in v1.4: SuperCabinet, a ground-breaking IR processor. • New in v1.3: Scenes, which enable instant recall of various model configurations stored in the preset.

• A Fluid Convolution-enhanced, enhanced cabinet module was added in version 1.3. • A double IR loader was added to the cabinet module in version 1.3.

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