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The RX 8 Audio Editor can now have up to 32 tabs of individual files loaded at once. But wait… There’s more RX 8 offers a large toolkit that goes way beyond the scope of this review. The Assistant presents A, B, and C preview options – pick one and tweak the settings further, if needed. Select and then remove, replace, or “heal” noises, clicks, and other artifacts visible in the spectrogram. However, nothing on the market is as all-encompassing within a single tool for cleaning, repairing, and restoring audio as iZotope RX 8. Tracks can be displayed as a waveform, spectrogram, or a mix of both. That’s where the real power is. This enables you to change the relative levels of each in the mix. The Wow & Flutter module can be used to correct speed and pitch variations in older soundtracks. RX 8 is the most relevant to video editors and audio post engineers. RX8 filters work in Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X, as well as other NLEs.

 Support ProVideo Coalition Shop with Filmtools Filmmaker's go-to destination for pre-production, production & post-production equipment! Shop Now iZotope iZotope RX 8 What Do You Think? Let Us Know. As a by-product, it will also generate separate, isolated tracks, such as just the voice track. It’s the latest version of iZotope’s renowned audio repair product. What’s new in RX 8 iZotope has been continually improving the RX technology from one version to the next and RX 8 is no exception. RX8’s Batch Processor can apply to process presets to multiple files. Another useful feature is EQ Match (only available in RX 8 Advanced). Use EQ Match when two voice recordings sound dissimilar.

 One interesting effect is Music Rebalance. Simply set up a module chain with the desired effects and settings, load multiple files, and apply that module chain to the batch. Now you want the voice to be more dominant in the mix; but, remixing the original isn’t an option. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you on our website. However, when more extensive processing is required, then it’s time to use the RX 8 Audio Editor application. One way to get there is Music Rebalance, which isolates and separates the component parts of the mix. Several of the existing processing effects have also been improved with better processing, more functionality, and/or improved module interfaces. The real heavy lifting The RX 8 standalone editor is truly a Swiss Army Knife of processing effects and at first, glance might seem a bit daunting. DisagreeAgree Label Name* Email* Website 0 Comments Inline Feedbacks View all comments. 

You can apply single effects or create a module chain containing a series of filters. The filters work in real-time within the framework of the DAW or NLE. The right side of the interface presents the selection of effects modules. Need to deal with a lo-fi voice-over recorded on a phone? This module can be used to restore frequencies above 4kHz and render a fuller voice recording. An audio editor plus plug-ins RX 8 is different in that it installs over a dozen individual AU, VST, and AAX plug-ins, instead of a single “mothership” plug-in. Guitar De-noise will be of more interest to recording engineers than video editors.

 It is used to remove recording issues, like string squeaks on acoustic guitars, pick attacks, and amp hum with electric guitars. You can use the RX Connect plug-in within some DAWs and NLEs to roundtrip the track between the host and the RX 8 application, much like Adobe’s dynamic link function. Once your account is created, you'll be logged in to this account. Let’s say you have a completely mixed track of voice with music. In short, anyone who deals with dialogue-heavy material. Instead, use a “reveal in Finder” command to locate the track, open it in RX 8, process it, and then bring it back into the host to replace the original clip. If you are working in Audition or Premiere Pro, for example, and need to apply a De-clip or De-ess effect to a voice-over recording, then you can simply apply that individual iZotope filter to the track.

 Here are just a few more highlights. Plus there are a ton of presets. Spectral Recovery is ideal for news and documentary editors. Others need to be rendered first and then you can compare and evaluate the before and after versions. Music Rebalance can separate components within mixed tracks. Use the new Guitar De-noise module to fix imperfect guitar recordings. Do you have two different VO recordings done by the same talent at different times and they don’t sound the same? Use EQ Match to correct one to closely match the other. From there, export in a range of file formats and bit depths. RX 8 represents the latest version of a product that’s being constantly improved.

 In addition, a standalone application – the RX 8 Audio Editor – is also installed. Unfortunately, the RX Connect roundtrip doesn’t work in current versions of Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X. However, you can also just start with Repair Assistant, which automatically analyzes the track and offers suggested processing. Subscribe Connect with Login I allow you to create an account When you log in the first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by the Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. iZotope’s complete product line forms a comprehensive audio toolkit. Besides interface changes and improved performance, RX 8 includes three new processing modules. iZotope offers its products, including RX 8, in Elements (“lite”), Standard, and Advanced versions, giving the user the option to pick the feature set that best fits their budget. If you have a question about how a module works, click on the question mark icon in the upper right corner of the module panel and that takes you to iZotope’s website for reference information. In concept, it functions like a channel strip or the effects rack. iZotope is the go-to brand for many who need best-in-class audio effects tools. Editors who need to deliver final shows that adhere to proper loudness specs will be happy with the improved Loudness Control to monitor and adjust levels that meet broadcast targets. The company offers a number of comprehensive audio products and software suites, but most video editors will primarily be interested in RX 8. Some video editing software also comes bundled with one or more of the iZotope Elements products. If you need to get in deep for more audio surgery, then you can use Spectral Repair. Depending on the function, some can be previewed in real-time. Then, configure the processing modules that you need within the Nectar interface. Oliver Peters September 21, 2020, Comment iZotope RX 8 Most digital audio and video editing applications come with a robust set of audio plug-ins, but many editors and mixers prefer to augment those with third-party effects. Many of the RX 8 modules are processor-intensive. Most of the time you’ll find that it’s best to process a track in this external application first and then import the processed track into your editing application. The repair Assistant analyzes your track and offers suggested processing options. While such isolation isn’t 100% perfect, it’s some of the best isolation that I’ve heard.

 It’s much like working with Photoshop. There certainly are competing plug-in packages that offer some similar filters as individual plug-ins. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you on our website. iZotope’s Neutron, Nectar, and Ozone each install as a single plug-in that iZotope likes to call a “mothership.” This means that you apply a single instance of Nectar to a track and it becomes a container. It’s a tool that will also benefit podcasters and vloggers. DisagreeAgree Notify of new follow-up comments new replies to my comments Label Name* Email* Website I allow creating an account When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by the Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. Use Loudness Control to meet broadcast loudness targets. Once your account is created, you'll be logged in to this account. In addition, RX 8 also offers batch processing of audio files. These can be combined into a single Composite tab that allows you to apply the same processing simultaneously to all. RX 8 maintains a history, so it’s easy to reject any changes that you’ve made, return to the initial state of the file, and try something different.

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