Orchestral Percussion X3M BY Strezov Sampling - (KONTAKT)

Orchestral Percussion X3M

 another season passes in another percussion library rolls in this time it's the stress of sampling with an orchestral percussion addition to their extreme percussion serie this is a very straightforward lush sounding orchestral percussion collection then has some highlights and some weak points first let's have a listen to what's here

first, we have four different bass drums some nice clarity and boom there then we get four different snares again nice sound we also get PRD gongs and suspended cymbals. 

then anvils then a collection of woods labels and a horn for some reason or another that's the percussive side of the library we also get a collection of idiophones which includes two glockenspiels a marimba a xylophone two sets of tubular bells a vibraphone and two different timpani sets one has a traditional clear tone . and the other has a darker blooming tone and both of these are sampled with felt and wood mallets in just the measure we get a steel drum Fernan.

nice now we will talk about the pluses and minuses of this collection the

the library does sound really nice the percussion has a clear hall tone that'll suit various styles it's a very genuine sound if you want to dry a spot mark sound you can also dial that in as well

the eto fans are of particular note the glockenspiel sound pure and charming the

the vibraphone has a wonderful warmth and the xylophone has great clarity these instruments alone would be good as single packages so what about the minuses well you've probably already been wondering where on earth is the concert Tom's with all this great

content it seems rather silly that's such an integral part of the orchestral percussion section has been left out even though this library is good on its own really feels like there's a huge gap here I think every good orchestral percussion library needs a good set of

concert Tom's so they really should be added to the library the other possible drawback of the library is that the snares and bass drums only have three velocities

and first, this seemed odd to me but after playing the library for a while I didn't really feel like it hurt my practical performance the simplicity

aids in keeping the playing dynamics

consistent [Music] so you can't really perform intricate groups or very dynamic performances which may worry some composers but if you're just after the meat and potatoes though it works fine you also get some

riemann's tickets and other instrument effects but they are one-shots [Music]

overall for the price, this is a pretty nice orchestral percussion package with

a strong idiophone selection and an affordable price it's not common to find good sounding orchestral percussion packages for around 150 with the strong alternatives being only true strike from Project Sam or maybe Rhapsody orchestral percussion from impact sound works this

is a fine library and a great addition to your collection but I still think that concert Tom's and possibly even shakers should be added to it for this library to truly be a strong contender

and that's that I'll see you next time with another library check you later.

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