Orchestral Percussion X3M BY Strezov Sampling - (KONTAKT)

Orchestral Percussion X3M

This season, the stress of sampling's orchestral percussion addition to their extreme percussion series is a new percussion library. This collection of orchestral percussion is very straightforward and has a lush sound. It has some strong points and some weak points. Let's begin by listening to the following: four distinct bass drums, each of which has excellent clarity and boom. Four distinct snares with excellent sound follow. The percussive section of the library contains anvils, wood labels, a horn, and a collection of idiophones. These idiophones include two glockenspiels, a marimba, a xylophone, two sets of tubular bells, a vibraphone, and two distinct timpani sets, one of which has a traditional clear tone. Finally, we have PRD gongs and suspended cymbals. For the steel drum Fernan, both of these are sampled with felt and wood mallets; the other has a darker blooming tone.

Okay, let's talk about the benefits and drawbacks of this collection now. The percussion has a clear hall tone that goes well with a lot of different styles; You can also dial that in if you want to dry a spot mark sound; Fans of eto are especially happy; Pure and charming is the sound of the glockenspiel; The vibraphone has an amazing warmth to it; The xylophone is extremely clear; These instruments would work well as standalone packages; Nonetheless, the snare

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