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hey everybody and welcome back to the creation station uh let me start right in this is a

bassoon a solo bassoon that I found from the master solo woodwinds bundle um and,  thought it had a beautiful basic sound and this is the way it sounds from the get-go and the way it comes out of the package so to speak.

this is the preset factory preset [Music] this is legato and that means that the

hander from note to note is fairly realistic it's a little long but it's just a tone of it's lovely but,i thought to myself you know I know bassoon players and, have stood right next to them in orchestral recordings and, know they can have much more growl

like whoa you know it is expressive it's an expressive instrument if played by an expressive player so,  decided to share a little secret here with you a little secret sauce, first of all,  choose slightly different mic positions

and I used one of the convolutions reverbs inside but anyways let me play it for you

so now you see there's a lot more coming through there's more expressiveness more bite

more mid-range this was done fairly simply let me just run it by you okay let's go to the options the first thing I did I went into the insert effects and you can see that there's an equalizer boosting a certain frequency band in this case 2.6 kilohertz and a very narrow bandwidth and you have to keep it narrow because you only want that one frequency to be enhanced and as you see this is my volume pedal moving it up or down so here is what this does looks right where the bassoon which is a fairly dull instrument has its most um expressive potential in the higher mids that's usually where also where harsh frequencies sit but this one you can boost them you know with quite a bit because you see this is like I'm boosting up to 12 decibels here or more.

it has to be done in a natural way so as you can see  do it with a classical breath so if my pedal were to go if you could see it it would go like

always after the attack of the note and then released before the new note starts so, call it the classical breath, if you will the other thing, is  did instead of the reverb that they offer, chose the concert hall and this is

found here in the insert effects, chose convolution and under presets take a quick look that's where we went to real rooms and uh concert hall a is what chose and shortened the living daylights out of it so took it down to 58 of its original value low passed it at 1.2 kilohertz because only want that warm afterglow, nothing harsh supposed to this could even be shorter or you could choose a shorter room this is very wide and depending on how far back you want to push the bassoon in perception.

then you can just work with shorter rooms or even use two convolutions but anyways this is i just also reduced the uh the wet amount by minus 4.3 could even go further down minus five and a half might be okay so

here we go [Music] um that's got some steroids now doesn't

 it's very different than the factory patch and it's only an eq and a slightly different reverb choice and that's doable with within the tools inside of contact so there's nothing

external added to it this is the way it now comes out of contact it uses contact's own resources so and saved the whole thing and now  can find it in my library this way hope this was inspiring to you think

that the master solo woodwinds are quite beautiful you know what while before end let me just give you just a little quick um inkling here as to how to one of the other instruments sounds to piccolo thought which was lovely and I have not done much editing

on that as all at all so this is a patch but I thought it was promising to listen to this here we go

this is done with the modulation wheel you can see the expression comes in with the modulation wheel wish we could see the instant can not see let me see if we can uh keyboard here we go that's now you can see what doing look over here at the modulation wheel these red keys here as you might have guessed are the character switch buttons uh in which you can select staccato-vibrato and so forth but now take a look again.

 really can't complain about that's with the onboard reverb looking at a large-diaphragm condenser none of the spot rhythm and just a large amount of the room position that was my personal choice here so that master um solo woodwinds bundle packs a punch um and the oboe have to do some work have to tune several notes on it but also all of these things that uh the master but solo woodworks bundle has had a beautiful expressiveness to it and even sometimes maximum expressiveness like multi sim vibrato.

and so forth um so that's uh all for today stay tuned for the next update um that's it Stefan above signing out from the crazy station stay creative and have and healthy and take care see you soon.

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