Le Parisien by Wavesfactory – (KONTAKT)


Wavesfactory - Le Parisien

How are all of you getting along? I'm Matt Vanacore from waste factory, and today we're going to examine the Parisian, Waves Factory's most iconic accordion. It features three distinct accordions that have been meticulously sampled and can be accessed in a variety of ways. Let's look at the first one, which prevents this accordion from making great sounds. It's also possible to switch from a double set of reeds to a mod wheel if you want to dedicate one hand to it or use it to map velocity in your DAW. You can map that velocity in a slightly different way so that the key sound or, if I speed it up, a lot of it, can be heard. You can even offset the start of the sample so that it starts a little later and you completely missed that part. As they Parisienne from Waves, this is the ultimate collection of three accordions that sound fantastic.

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