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Wavesfactory - Le Parisien

how's it going everyone Matt Vanacore with waste factory here and we are checking out lay Parisian this is the definitive accordion instrument from waves factory it's got three different accordions meticulously sampled with a ton of different ways to access the sounds let's check out this first one blocks some great sounds out of this accordion now you've got the ability to switch from a double set of reeds to a single right down here this switch on many different accordions switches to different sounding reeds to give you a different timbre you know you can get almost like stops of the organ so if you listen we got a different sound already [Music] as opposed to this nice chorused double to get those notes the accordions would typically play with the left hand and it's a totally different sound in register now there's a middle region right there that you see with some differently shaded green notes that we will check out with the next instrument and speaking of that as I said we've got three completely different instruments .

so that's the first one block this one's var and once again you can see single and double sets of reeds [Music] now I've got the dynamics right now controlled by how hard I play if I play a soft note it's softer if I hit it harder it's harder but I can also control them with the mod wheel if I wanted to so if I wanted to dedicate one hand or I want it to map the velocity in my DAW it's easy to switch it over to the mod wheel and you can go ahead and map that velocity in a little different way so that key sound or if I speed it up I'm getting a lot of it and you can even offset the start of the sample so it starts a little bit later and you missed that part entirely so it's a really really sound this instrument but you can also craft it to get some really outer-worldly stuff it really is the ultimate collection of three really fantastic sounding accordions so they Parisienne from waves factory.

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