Jazz Works 1 (ELASTIK) by Ueberschall - sound loops

Jazz Works 1 (ELASTIK)

 Ueberschall  releases jazz works volume 1 elastic sound bank welcome to music gears where we bring you the latest info on new music instruments software and other gear from around the
world Ueberschall has announced the release of their new elastic loop library jazz works volume one here is what they say jazz works brings the authentic sound and live feel of a first-class jazz band on top of their game
the musical styles capture both traditional and modern jazz moods but the infectious drum beats melodic bass grooves cool chord progressions and classy solos could easily cross over into RnB
hip hop soul chill out and lounge or house and other electronic genres jazz works has plenty to inspire whenever you need to drop a jazz element within your own productions the jazz works series includes acoustic and electric pianos upright bass jazz guitar baritone and
tenor saxophone flute trumpet and mute trumpet raw and authentic jazz ready for your ideas extended performance options in construction kit format with 10 construction kits and over 7
gigabytes of sample content the elastic based library contains over 1 200 loops and phrases each of the construction kits offers collections of extended drum base and comping instruments backings
plus multiple solo instruments performances feature either extended 16 or 32 bar phrases for a genuine live feel elastic's powerful sample manipulation toolset allows you to easily create shorter or longer loops and change tempo pitch
key or scale as your musical project requires the material has been recorded with top-class microphones and ad slash da converters and was not edited any further
100 dynamics no compression the authentic sound of a live jazz band within each construction kit alongside the pre-mixed drum loops some combination of individual loops are also provided these include kick inside and out snare
top and bottom high hat symbols tongs overheads and room making it easy to craft the perfect drum mix for your project for the upright bass up to four different phrase slash performance options are provided
with a premixed microphone and piezo recordings available in each case the comping performances provide the core cord sequence on acoustic piano electric piano and electric guitar each kit includes three or four variations of each instrument
with a combined length of up to two minutes allowing the user flexibility in building a song length arrangement a pdf is included which details all of the chord sequences used all of the kits also provide a combination of multiple solo instruments
multiple performance options are included for each instrument for maximum flexibility hubershaw says jazz works is ideal for anyone needing to create the authentic sound of an a-list live ensemble across
15a range of jazz flavors however the powerful elastic toolset and the sophisticated sound in a flexible format makes jazz works a perfect choice for songwriters music producers or media composers needed to drop a jazz influence into
their musical projects whatever the genre credits the jazz works series features a musical team featuring newcomers and a number of users how regulars the musical lineup includes zeitgeistmeyer on piano who helped kickstart the project Mathias
musel on drums who previously supplied all the drums for the drum loop series judge attic on upright bass who previously played on electric bass and other titles hi Reuter on electric guitar who played on electric guitar moods and many other titles
Gary winters on trumpet and flugelhorn who recently played on the trumpet solos library Nico fink on baritone saxophone who played on the saxophone 2 library and nils brederlow on tenor saxophone and flute
also, an expert on coordinating remote live recording sessions elastic features ubershaw's elastic player offers time stretching pitch shifting and scale sinking functions like resampling formant reverse and the multimode filter
make further loop manipulation easy and efficient the player's attribute-based browser makes it possible to locate specific sounds across all installed elastic libraries within seconds
summary 7.2 gigabytes 10 construction kits 1.230 loops and phrases genre jazz elastic soundbank for mac slash when au slash vst slash ax standalone elastic player included no
sampler required price 149 euro read more at www.uebrishall.com Please like this video if you found it helpful and if you'd like to stay informed on the latest in music gear
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