Goliath V2 by Tone Empire - v1.5.0 VST3 x64


Goliath V2 by Tone Empire

The engineering of the Youde Goliath is beautiful. The threading and other machining are nearly perfect. For a mid-2015 tank, the Goliath v2 was about as innovative as you could get, and performance was so far removed from mainstream sub-ohm tanks it was ridiculous. Even so, in April 2016 the Youde Goliath is still a tank worth considering. RTA’s are all the rage now, and considering the Goliath offers the best of both worlds, I highly recommend it.

Though the exterior looks the same, there are a few noteworthy differences from the original build. This car has the stock steel doors, where the first Goliath had fiberglass. That seems counterintuitive until you learn the floor of Goliath 2.0 is made from carbon fiber and titanium. The heavy glass was replaced with featherweight pieces from Optic Armor. Goliath rolls on Weld wheels, which also contribute to a substantial weight saving, as do the carbon fiber front clip, hood, and decklid from Unlimited Fiberglass. Performance Powdercoating treated the chassis, while Fosters Paint laid down the show-car-quality finish, and owner Dave Foster says customers now come to him wanting their cars painted in the same color as Goliath. No can do, however, as the paint is a custom mix picked out by Daddy Dave's wife, Cassi, and he won't give out the formula.

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