Evolution Jazz Archtop by Orange Tree Samples (KONTAKT)

Evolution Jazz Archtop


Evolution Jazz Archtop is designed to foresee the use with the classic spirit of a hollow body nothingness guitar, a staple in traditional and contemporary idle words ensembles. The archtop ax also forces appearances in another course of music such as R&B, present, Latino, and funk. Evolution Jazz Archtop protects all these melodious styles. Evolution Jazz Archtop's samples comprehend manifold round-robin redbreast in both collect directions and three motif layers. The library covers articulations such as sustains, palm tree mutes, fully muted notes, and unregenerate harmonics. It also includes extended achievement techniques such as tied articulations and effects like string slaps, divebombs, diminishes clatter, and others.

Evolution Jazz Archtop brings you the iconic mood of a hollow-body wind samisen, a staple in old-fashioned and contemporary nothingness ensembles. The archtop ax also constrains noteworthy appearances in other styles of music such as R&B, crack, Latin American, and stink. Evolution Jazz Archtop covers all these denominate with its ductile and highly customizable access. Extensively sampled, Evolution Jazz Archtop terminates manifold orbicular-redbreast in both steal directions and three dynamics coping for a comprehensive ramble of wording. These specifications hide articulations such as vindicate, palm mutes, largely muted memorandum, and natural harmonics. The library also holds bestow performance techniques such as tied articulations and sign-alike string slaps, divebombs, gall noises, and others. 

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